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Since ancient times, people have sought to understand the future—some for financial gain, others out of curiosity. Today, many turn to palm readers, horoscopes, and fortune tellers. But how many of their predictions actually happen? What if we could know the future with certainty?

2,500 years ago, the king of Babylon had a dream that unlocks the past, the present, and the future. In this historical documentary, professors and archaeologists analyze several amazing dreams from the time of Babylon, revealing amazing prophecies. The fulfillment of these prophecies can't be simple coincidence; not only did they predict the rise and fall of the greatest world empires, but they even revealed intricate details about the life of Jesus Christ nearly 500 years in advance.

This is real history—and the proof is right before your eyes.

Total running time: 68 minutes
Language: English, Spanish subtitles
Retail price: $24.99 USD

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